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Onward, Etc.
"I don't really know how to begin to explain life on the road. The door opens, the key turns, the engine screams, the tires roll, the rubber burns, the scenery changes, the sky fades, the city arrives, people alive, the stage awaits, curtain call and the show goes on. Day after day after day. The show must go on." - Rosco [Onward, ETC]

Rosco Wuestewald
KC Olsen
Tom Pearson

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Road Warriors 

Hello everyone!
      It has been an exciting and very intense past month. We Kicked off our US Tour with the fantastic Murder By Death and headed west! The roads have been long and lonesome but everything always pays off in the end. So far we've polka'd with the Bolzen Beer Band in Lincoln NE, BBQ, bowling, beer and dancing in Denver, Striaght up mad hosue shit show in SLC, a pleasant surprise in Seattle, Portland was a party to never be forgotton, San Jose with Iggy Pop, Fullerton on a sunday night and now finally in LA recording the new album!

That being said we have some fantastic news we will be sharing in the next couple days so stay tuned!!




We are getting extremely excited to start announcing our guest musicians for the new album.
It's going to be quite the killer line up of friends coming into DOB Sound Studios!
I hope you're as excited as we are!!!!